Lobster Fun Facts

Have You Ever Seen a 40 lb Lobster?!

How big do lobsters get? A question we don’t think about when we’re chowing down on these tasty crustaceans, but we think the answer will surprise you! 🦞

On average, lobsters are about 9.8 - 20 inches in length, so around 1 foot long, give or take a couple of inches. In Maine specifically, the most plentiful size of lobster is between 1 ¼ and 1 ½ lbs. Even the largest lobster that these fishermen usually find is no more than 3 or 4 lbs. But there are lobsters out there that are scary huge compared to these commercial crustaceans. Lobsters can get up to 4 feet long and a whopping 40 lbs! That’s bigger than some peoples’ dogs! 😳 Keep reading for more fun facts about our favorite sea creatures that we love to eat.

Lobster can do what now?!

Although not all lobsters get up to four feet long and weigh 40 lbs, there are some other really cool things about the average ones.

Some of our favorite fun facts about lobsters:

  • The best lobsters in the world are from Maine. Between the months of June and December, the 6,000+ Lobstermen in Maine are responsible for harvesting over 100,000 million pounds of lobster each year! The accolades that Maine lobster receives each year allow us to confidently say that the lobster we use is the best in the world!
  • They never stop growing. Scientists have found that lobsters grow throughout their entire life as they eat, grow, and molt. Since they also can live for an entire century, this means that there very well could be a giant lobster roaming the ocean floor somewhere we just haven’t discovered.
  • They are biologically immortal. Most lobsters die from external causes such as predators, humans, and disease, but they show no signs of aging as their life goes on. Though, it is possible for them to die from old age in some cases when their shell no longer molts to their growth.
  • They have teeth in their stomachs. One of the funkiest facts about lobsters is that they actually chew with their stomach. Even weirder to comprehend is the fact that their stomachs are located directly behind their eyes!
  • They can be cannibalistic… when they need to be. Lobsters usually feed on small sea creatures such as fish, clams, crabs, snails, mussels, and sea urchins, but when food goes scarce, they are known to prey on lobsters smaller than themselves. Survival of the fittest!

We could talk about lobster facts all day, but it’s making us hungry.

If you liked this blog, and want to learn more about lobster fun facts, let us know! There’s so much to learn about these creatures we love to eat so much. Besides the fact that it’s a little creepy that this type of crustacean can possibly live forever and there might be a giant lobster sea monster out there somewhere, we enjoy learning about them every day. But, let’s be honest, the best way to learn about lobsters is to learn about all the ways you can eat them. Come on down to Freshies today so we can teach you how we do it. 😎