Why Maine is a Lobster Haven

If you're a lobster lover like us, you've probably heard Maine referred to as the lobster capital of the United States. The cold water species that is found off the waters of Eastern Canada, North Carolina, and of course Maine, contributes to more than half of the lobster caught in the United States [1]. 

These creatures have been harvested since the 1800s and at Freshies, we consider ourselves experts. From the water temperatures to the large claws, we’re here to show you why Maine has earned its top-dog status.

Which Species is the Best Species? 

Two different species of lobster exist around the world: cold water and warm water. 

Warm water lobsters are caught off the coast of areas such as Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, or the Mediterranean. They often have a fishier taste and a mushier texture.

Unlike warm water lobsters, cold water lobsters are caught off the coast of areas such as New Zealand, Australia, and our favorite, Maine. They’re sweeter, more succulent, and often transported to warm water areas since there is no competition between the tastes. 

Maine lobster also differs from spiny lobster, known as rock lobster. If you’re unsure what you’re eating, Maine lobster easily stands out from the rest due to its large, heavy claws. Spiny lobsters have long, strong antennae and horns above their eyes, with small front claws, unlike Maine lobster where the majority of its weight comes from its claws [1]. 


If you guessed that weather has a large impact on the quality of lobster in Maine, you’re correct. Lobsters venture out to sea when the water gets cold, and in Maine, that is only 20 to 30 miles out [2]. 

Because of the colder waters, Maine lobsters also grow at a slower rate. This creates a more firm, succulent meat, while also obstructing salt water from permeating and ruining the iconic flavor [1]. 

The Freshest at Freshies

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