10 Weirdest Things about Lobsters

At Freshies, it’s clear we have a special relationship with Lobsters. While yes, we do eat the animals, we’re infatuated with the nature of the quirky creature. Beyond the fantastic taste, the fun facts about Lobsters keep us entertained all day long. Without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite lesser-known weird topics. 


Can Drown 

While creatures of the water, Lobsters can actually drown. When put in salt-water, the change in salinity will cause their bodies to fail by swelling up from the inside [1].

Can Cut Off Their Limbs

Lobsters usually do this when their limbs get stuck and keep them from moving, preventing them from starving to death [1].

Taste With Their Legs

If you look closely at their legs, Lobsters have small hairs coming out of them, which function like our tongues [1].

Pee Out Their Face

Yup, you read this right, Lobsters pee out their face, from openings located at the base of its second antennae. [2].

Urinate On Each Other’s Faces

Continuing with the obscure urination patterns, Lobsters pee on each other’s faces to establish dominance and express themselves to the group [2].

Can Be Cannibals 

When competing for food and mates while young, Lobsters will often eat each other. For this reason in captivity, young Lobsters have to be separated [2].

Relationships Last About Two Weeks

Lobsters are serial monogamists, having one quick short-term relationship one after another [2].

Cannot Process Pain 

Lobsters do not have a cerebral cortex, which is what gives humans our perception of pain, making scientists agree that they most likely do not feel such [3].

Can Walk Almost 230 Miles in One Trip 

The longest known distance a lobster has walked in a single trip reached almost 230 miles [1].

Can Live up to 50 Years

Crazy right? These creatures can have quite a life!

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