Your Lobster, Your Choice?

From Maine, to the main course, lobster is a coastal favorite that can be served alone or as a creative dish. This catch is served shore to door in 24 hours at Freshies, and transformed into classic favorites and twists that become instant favorites. 

After years of experience cooking and creating dishes with lobster, the Freshies crew has developed a menu full of choices for any diet, preference, or taste bud. No matter if you’re a fan of the standard bites or want to experiment with new offerings, we’re here to help break down our delicious options.

The Classics

Lobster Roll: mayo, hot butter, and seasoning, with a classic New England hotdog bun. This longtime favorite is popular for a reason. Served with a side of chips, this perfect combo is sure to have you dreaming of the wind blowing off the coast, and waves crashing against the shore. 

Lobster Bisque: creamy, savory, with cream, and chives. Eat as a side, or crush your hunger craving with this sippable main. In Maine, this dish can be found everywhere, and with Freshies, we’ll make sure it is brought directly to you. 

The Twists

Lobster Mac: cheesy, creamy, and piping hot! This cheesy take on seafood combines a childhood favorite with freshly caught lobster. An unforgettable meal that will have you running back for more. 

Lobster Lettuce Cups: no roll, no problem! These buttery cups of bibb lettuce are served with sriracha aioli, guacamole, mango, and creamy cilantro sauce, complete with lobster of course. 

Spicy Lobster Sliders: bring on the heat. Sriracha aioli, guacamole, lettuce, and roasted red peppers make the lobster pop. Served with a side of chips, this take on a classic is sure to fire up those taste buds. 

Try Today

With two locations in Utah (Park City & Salt Lake City), Freshies brings a piece of Maine, inland. If you aren’t out west, don’t worry, our food truck is always on the move or you can order our lobster directly to your door

Have a favorite lobster recipe not listed? Let us know on Instagram (@freshieslobster), at Freshies, we’re always open to suggestions and how we can incorporate them into our mouthwatering menu.