Warm Up With These Winter Dishes!

Baby it’s cold outsiiiiideeeee…..

Warm up with one of Freshies cold weather-approved dishes!

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Lobster Bisque

This soup is bound to fill you up with its 12 ounces of cream, lobster and chives - It will keep you and your belly smiling. Who would’ve thought something so simple could taste so good. 

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Lobster Mac

WARNING: Do not share with your friends.

Our Lobster Mac is so delicious, you’ll eat the whole thing. This cheesy dish is loaded with cavatappi, gruyere and seahive cheese. If that doesn’t sound great on it’s own, don’t forget about all the lobster that's loaded on top.

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Lobster Grilled Cheese

Did someone say grilled cheese? Oh right, we did!

Our sourdough sammy is filled with seahive cheddar and sriracha aioli - this is the perfect example of simplicity being at its finest. Psst...Don’t forget to add lobster or prosciutto and red peppers for a little extra goodness. You won’t regret it. 

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Clam Chowdah

If none of those keen your taste, our Clam Chowdah is bound to do the trick. On the East Coast, nothing fits the cold weather better than a good ol’ cup of chowder. With this order, you can expect 12 ounces of cream, clams, potatoes and, our favorite, oyster crackers. After you try it once, there’s no going back. Trust us. 

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